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97.1 The Ticket Student Heart Check

A team captained by Debbie Spatafora
September 18, 2013 — September 18, 2013

Join Mike Stone "Stoney", Doug Karsch and the entire 97.1 The Ticket team in wearing jeans to raise money for the Student Heart Check Program! Simply join our team and wear jeans to work on September 18 for a $5 donation, or $25 to receive a Miracle Jeans Day T-Shirt. Already wear jeans? Wear your favorite sports jersey, hat or sandals instead!

The Student Heart Check at Beaumont provides free screenings for high school students ages 13 to 18. Younger children are not typically screened because structural abnormalities including abnormal heart muscle thickening, which is the most common cause of sudden death in the U.S., do not become apparent until later in adolescence.

Here are some statistics on the Healthy Heart Check program since it began in May 2007:
8,965 kids in Michigan have been screened
820 needed some sort of follow up with a doctor
54 were advised to stop sports until they follow up with a cardiologist
4 have been found with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most serious of all heart issues we are trying to detect



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